Wednesday, 12 December 2012

How to Style: Patterned Pants

One of the latest trends is patterned pants/ leggings. I will tell you the different patterns seen on the streets and how you can style them. Enjoy!

Definitely my favourite pattern! These pants give off a very girly/ vintage style. Floral pants tend to be set on a lighter background, so you can pair them with a darker or lighter shirt, it doesn't really matter. But if you really want your outfit to look great, opt for a solid colour shirt- matching a shirt with a completely different pattern or even with a floral pattern usually clashes. I love the look of tan coloured boots with these pants, it completes the vintage look!

Aztec/ Tribal
 I own a pair of aztec leggings and they are my favourite! As you can see, there are a lot of different shapes going on in the pattern. Just like the floral pants, you don't want to pair these with a shirt that has either the same or different pattern because they will clash. Plus, the whole point of wearing these babies is to make sure they stand out! My idea of the perfect outfit with these pants is a dark baggy jumper with toms.

Half of the pictures I see on my tumblr dashboard are of girls wearing these pants. I'm so mad everytime I go to a store and cannot find them, so it has become my goal to hunt down the perfect galaxy leggings! The design really gives off this magical/mystical vibe and are extremely hipster. You don't need to wear heavy accessories or anything fancy with these pants, just a simple shirt and some boots are all you need. Although, I do like the look of a large silver chain necklace...

Animal Print 
Here's what not to wear when wearing pants like these: a matching shirt. You don't want to go out look like a cheetah or a zebra, do you? Let me tell you, it isn't a trend now, and I don't see it becoming one any time soon. I love the look of some high heels with these pants, as pictured above. Instead of wearing a baggy jumper like the other patterned pants, I think the best option is to wear a neutral/solid fitted top, long sleeve or short. If you want to include another piece of animal print in the outfit, either wear earrings of a necklace of the same print.

So as you can tell, when wearing patterned pants, your best choices are to stick with simple boots/shoes and a solid top.

xx Mandy  


  1. Oh I love the Aztec print ones. They are so easy to rock, I usually wear them safe with a solid tee/tank as well.