Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Get Ready For Winter!

I don't know about you guys, but it's getting colder up here in Canada. Actually, it gets cold, then warm, then cold, then warm. Global Warming might have something to do with that.

Since we only have less than a month until winter arrives, I decided to make a post on how to get ready for it so you can be prepared! Ready? Okay let's go.

In autumn, the most common colours people wear are orange, red, and yellow. Why? Because when we think of autumn, we think of the leaves and their colours. Most of us don't even realize that we incorporate the colours of the leaves into what we wear.

We all know that winter means snow and cold days. Cold days= cold colours. Cold colours are blues, whites, greens, and purples, so expect those colours to show more on chilly days. Darker colours are best to wear in the cold because they absorb heat. That is why lighter colours are more common in the summer because they reflect the heat. 

It is possible to wear more than one layer of clothing and not look like a marshmallow. Here are some ideas on how to layer while looking great:
  • wear a simple pair of leggings/ tights under your jeans
  • if you own one of those spandex temperature controlled shirts that athletes use, wear one under your shirt; it is easier to keep in your body heat
  • cardigans- wear a simple long sleeve shirt under a nice and comfy cardigan
  • wear more than one pair of socks.... this is what I usually do because my feet are constantly freezing
  • Outfit idea: a simple long sleeve shirt, under a denim button-up shirt, a cardigan on top of that, with jeans that are on top of some leggings/ tights.... maybe add a belt or a scarf to finish it off

These are definitely trending! I noticed a lot of people wearing them once the temperature started dropping. It's not only a great way to make your outfit look better, but it helps keep you warm aswell. My favourite is the infinity scarf. I love wearing ones made of wool because they are the warmest and are extremely soft!

A lot of people think that finding proper boots (insulated, warm, waterproof) that are also cute is impossible. But this is one of those moments where you have to choose which is better: style or comfort? I don't know about you, but I would rather walk around in the ugliest yet warmest boots than walk around in some cute boots that become ruined when wet and make my feet cold. Trust me, I've learned the hard way that cute boots are not as great as proper ones. But there are stores that sell fairly cute water/snowproof boots, such as Spring, The Shoe Company, and Target.  

Hats, Mitts, Gloves
I know, I know, who wants hat hair? I don't. But you lose most of your body heat through your head, so by wearing a hat, you can keep a lot of that heat that you'll need. Again, style or comfort? There are cute hats out there that provide warmth, trust me. As for the hat hair, all I can suggest is carrying around a brush and maybe some anti-frizz cream. For mittens and gloves, always go for a pair that are lined on the inside, preferably with wool. They keep your fingers and hands warm, unlike those fashion gloves that are knit and have holes in them, allowing the cold to bite you.

Back to the same question: style or comfort? I was never one to go with comfort; I always needed the cutest coat I could find, it was never about how warm it would keep me. Then winter would come and I would secretly regret my decision, but wouldn't admit it because I didn't want to hear my parents say 'I told you so!' When choosing which coat to wear, always go for one that is lined with something. If it's thick, it most likely will be warmer. Peacoats are definitely something that will be seen in the streets this season, and a lot of them do provide warmth. Always check the tag to see if it mentions what temperature it can stand at. Also, aim for something that is no shorter than your hips- if it's cropped, your stomach will be coooold!

I hope you liked this post and hope that it helps you when winter comes!

xx Mandy  

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Current Daily Cosmetics Reviews

So, if you didn't already see it when I posted it on Sunday, I finally decided to start my Youtube channel. I think I have maybe 5 views so far? But it doesn't matter, I'm more focused on the blog at the moment.

...I am such an awkward person.

Anyways, I wanted to make this post about the products that I mentioned in this video. This time I'll be a little more in depth. I already wrote up a review on the Master Precise Eye Liner, which you can view HERE. 

              Lashblast Fusion Mascara from Covergirl
So like I mentioned in the video, I only bought this because I had a $2 off any Covergirl mascara coupon and was in great need of some new mascara. Honestly, it was the purple bottle that caught my attention. I went with the water resistant stuff because I somehow always get caught in the rain, so I wanted something that wouldn't run when wet. Compared to the last Covergirl mascara I used, which was part of their Professional collection, this is a great mascara. I do feel like there are better ones that can give you more voluminous lashes, but I was completely satisfied with how this does not cause clumping. My big goal is to find a mascara that lengthens, volumizes, and does not clump... How hard can that be?

 Almay i-Intense Eyeshadow (for blue eyes)
This eyeshadow trio contains, well, obviously, 3 colours: a beige, a brown, and a copper. Now, some of you may think that if you have blue eyes, you must use blue shades in terms of eyeshadow. However, in order to really make your eyes stand out, using different shades of brown or gold would be your best choices. Imagine someone in a bright outfit, standing infront of a bright backdrop. Their outfit wouldn't stand out because the backdrop doesn't allow the colours to pop. But imagine someone wearing a bright outfit while standing infront of a black backdrop. Your attention immediately goes to the outfit, not the backdrop. The same thing happens when you have a lighter eye colour and use a darker eyeshadow. These eyeshadows are amazing and I am definitely going to purchase this set again in the near future. They really help make your blue eyes stand out and seem brighter than normal.

Rimmel London Glam Eyes Eyeshadow in Dusk
Definitely one of my favourite eyeshadows. This shade seems like it is dark, but it is much lighter than it appears. It is extremely cheap (I think maybe around $3) and is going to be something I will be repurchasing for a while. I love to use the copper shade from the i-intense trio on my lid and use this eyeshadow in my crease. It makes my eyes look super bright!

Covergirl Natureluxe Silk Foundation
Even though I have not tried any other foundation, this product is amaaaaazing! It literally feels as if you aren't wearing it, so no cracking or feeling as if you just got botox. It was $18, but compared to other foundations I have seen, it is well priced and worth the money. I highly recommend this for those who are sensitive to face makeup because of how light and thin it is. You don't even really need a foundation brush for blending this in, using your fingers is enough! A little goes a long way, too.  

xx Mandy

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Girl's Night In, Fall Trends, & Slutty Brownies

Friday nights are always girl's night out for Rachel and I. This week, with the two of us being broke, we decided to have a girl's night in at her house for a change. While at her house, we went through her clothes and pieced together some fall trend/ how to style boots outfits to include in this blog. So here they are!
In this outfit, I included two patterns that are popular this fall season: plaid and floral.This is a very laid-back and chill outfit with an edgy flare to it. 

Jean jackets are very nice to have on those days where it isn't too cold but it also isn't very warm aswell. I paired the jacket with a basic red tank top that flows, and a pair of green cargo pants.
This would be an outfit that might be nicer for summer nights, but it's a great way to look when going out! The floral dress is adorable and when paired with the baggy knit cardigan it gives off a cozy and lazier vibe.

This is definitely my favourite outfit! The baby blue blazer (say that 10 times fast) helps bring out the pink/orange tank top underneath it. It gives you a more mature look, yet still maintaining that casual appeal. 

Those were the only outfits we managed to put together, but expect future posts with more! After our little photoshoot, we decided it was time to pig out. What would a girl's night in be without some comfort foods? Look at our amazing nachos; cheese, onions, cheese, peppers, cheese, and tomatoes. Plus cheese. Did I mention there was cheese in it? It took us a good 20 minutes to devour most of them. I want more. 

After the nachos, it was finally time for the moment Rachel and I had been waiting for all week... Slutty Brownies. Look at that honkin' slice. Isn't it beautiful? Doesn't your mouth salivate just by looking at it? What is a slutty brownie, you may ask? Well, it is quite simple: cookie dough on the bottom, oreos in the middle, and brownie mix on top, baked following the cooking directions of the brownies. This is literally heaven in your mouth, the perfect snack for any girl that might be going through "troubles".

I've come to the end of another post. Until tomorrow


PS. Big thanks to Rachel for modelling!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Double Days & Master Precise Review

 I am sooo sorry about not posting last night! I was too caught in that math homework... again. Tomorrow I won't be able to post anything, but prepare yourselves for a huuuuuge post on Saturday (slight chance that it might be Sunday) on the current Fall trends.

Yesterday's outfit was the same denim cardigan featured in my very first outfit post, a white tank top, a pair of aztec/ tribal leggings (one of the current trends), and a red scarf knit by moi. This outfit received an immense amount of compliments, so I will definitely be wearing ensembles that are like this one.

Today I decided to go baggy and wool. I wore a simple pair of black leggings, an off the shoulder top courtesy of my Korean friend who bought it for my 13th birthday, the same red scarf as yesterday, and a pair of wool socks (not shown). I felt so comfy in this outfit and love how the scarf and shirt went well together. But I think it's about time for some new black leggings because these ones have a few too many rips that are growing.

Review time! This is the Master Precise Eye Liner by Maybelline. A few weeks ago, I was looking for a new liquid eye liner to try, and Rachel had recommended this one. It was fairly cheap (around $10) and seemed like a great pen to use for a winged/cats eye look. I went home after and tried it out right away. What a great liner to have in your collection! It is extremely easyto use because it is a pen, so you have a lot of control over it. Master Precise is the right name for this product- it creates sharp and straight lines and is worth buying. I definitely recommend this product for anyone who wants to try a more bold eye liner! 

To check out this product:

To view more products from Maybelline:


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Math Mania

Why is it only Tuesday? Can it be the weekend already?


For today's outfit, I decided to try out something I had seen in a bunch of magazines: crop top and a pair of high- waste jeans. Sorry you can't see how high these jeans are, but if my legs were visible you'd be able to see it. The two are a great combination, and high- waste jeans help create an illusion of your legs look longer. Since it's cold out, I wore a grey cardigan over my crop top. It's not the brightest outfit ever, but it's quite edgy.
This is pretty much what my night has been made up of- food and homework. Some apple slices with a mountain of peanut butter (the love of my life) makes math homework a little exciting. Bleh, math. Unfortunately, the subject is my homeroom this semester. Doesn't the idea of doing equations, fractions, and quadratics first thing in the morning sound super fun and amazing? Trust me, it's not the greatest trying to write an algebra test while you're still waking up.

Speaking of math, I have to end this post right here to go and finish the rest of my homework.



Monday, 19 November 2012

New Week & TRESemmé Review

 I always like to think of Mondays as a weekend hangover. I come to school still extremely tired and not wanting to get too dressed up, so I tend to wear something a bit more loose and comfortable. This sweater is insanely cozy and soft. When I wear a baggy cardigan, I like to pair it with a loose shirt underneath it. In my opinion, this makes your waste look a bit slimmer than if you were to wear a fitted top underneath. This may not be the case for everyone, but I definitely find it works for me.

Okay, so I wanted to start reviewing some products. I don't have many things to review at the moment (surprise, surprise) but I saw my favourite hair products from TRESemmé and thought they would be a good thing to start with. So here it goes...

                                           TRES TWO extra hold hairspray
This is seriously the best hairspray I have owned. Every other hairspray that I have bought has always left my hair looking and feeling sticky and disgusting, not to mention always losing it's hold halfway through the day. 'All day humidity-resistant spray'- this couldn't be an truer. I always style my hair and when I use this hairspray I don't have to worry about the weather messing it up. It isn't just the heat that it is resistant to- it's any weather! When I walk to school with my hair all curled and looking purdy, I know that the wind won't even be able to mess everything up. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking for an all day hold and more volume added to their hair.

                                                        Volumizing Dry Shampoo
I was excited to start using this product a few months ago. Washing my hair two days in a row is not something I like doing, but sometimes that leaves my hair feeling and looking a bit greasy. When I found out TRESemmé came out with this dry shampoo, I knew I had to try it. It's safe to say that it does add volume, however, in order to really make this product do it's magic, you must know how to use it. Here are the directions: 
1. Shake vigorously before use and in between spray bursts for best results. 
2. Lift sections of dry hair and spray lightly at roots using short bursts, holding 8-12 inches from head and leave-in for 1-2 minutes. 
3. Use fingertips to massage through hair and to distribute product evenly.
 I learned that if you don't let it sit in your hair for a few minutes before brushing it out, it won't work. But as long as you follow these instructions, you should be satisfied!
 Anti- Frizz Secret
I'll admit, I was a little scared that using the product would make my hair look ridiculously greasy. Every winter, my hair always becomes extremely dry, which leads to the annoying static everytime it's touched. Ugh, I absoultely hate it. Anyways, I had heard good things about this product, so I was willing to try it out... Holy bejeebers, it is fantabulous! Just a little dab of this magic cream and your flyaways are gone! This product is great for anyone who has those 'baby hairs' that stick out whenever you tie your hair back. It also adds a pleasant smooth texture to your hair when you put it in.

 Overall, I give TRESemmé products a 4/5. They are super affordable and work wonders!

 To view these products and more, visit


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lalalazy Day

Whole wheat pita bread with natural peanut butter, a grannysmith apple, and some cinnamon; green tea in my favourite mug. I defintely enjoy my mornings!
Dress- Forever 21; Shirt- Bluenotes 
As always, I took my Sunday easy. A little bit of homework, some pilates and yoga, a tad bit of putting together some outfits to share- a very lovely Sunday indeed! For the past two days, I've been going through my clothes to see what ensembles I can create and post on here. No, my clothes aren't from the most popular stores out there, but you'd be surprised at how some cheap clothes and a little creativity can make it seem like you just spent a ton of money.

So here is my first outfit. It's a shame I can't wear this out at the momeny because of the cold weather, but I thought it was cute and picture worthy. No, it's not like some of the streetstyles I see out there and would die for, but I think it's quite trendy. Floral has made a come back and I see it in pretty much every store now. The denim shirt I am wearing was originally a longer shirt, but I was so fed up with how it stuck out at the bottom that I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut it to be right about my belly button. I love pairing these two togehter, the plain denim really helps bring out the pattern of the floral. This would be more of an outfit that I'd wear in the spring or early fall either when I'm going out with some friends or even just to school.

I must end my post here. Unfortunately, I have some math homework that needs to be finished. Until tomorrow...


Saturday, 17 November 2012

Day One... And Two

Finally, a blog.
The idea of creating one first came to me while watching Julie and Julia a few weeks ago. The thought of having my own blog that would become well known excited me for some reason. I wanted people to hear my opinions, my thoughts, my ideas. I didn't do anything except sit there and watch the rest of the movie.

But yesterday I was in a Starbucks downtown, surrounded by well dressed people. Fashion has always been one of my loves; I cherish it everyday. Even though I am only 15 years old, 16 in February, I have always known that I want it to be a part of my future somehow. Being surrounded by so many people whose outfits caught my eye inspired me to really start a blog. I want to write about street fashion, take photos of random people I see walking around and ask them about what their wearing. I want to share the latest trends in clothing and makeup. I also just wanted a place to vent and post some more personal stuff.

There is one problem: I am horrible at saving money, which means that the majority of the time I am broke. Not having money kind of makes it tough to buy new outfits and stuff that I want to show my readers. Therefore I came up with the name "Fashionably Broke Teen". I'm trying to find outfits that are part of the trend without spending an immense amount of money, because I know there are a lot of people out there that would love to look great while saving money. 

So right then and there in the Starbucks line, waiting for my tall skinny peppermint mocha to be made, I decided I would start my own blog. Thankfully I had brought my camera, so I could start taking pictures of everything that caught my eye. I didn't stop anyone in the streets to get any photos of their outfits, but my goal is to start doing that whenever I go out.

Walking downtown has always been one of my favourite things- all of the window shopping, going for a stroll in the park, visiting one of the many diners, just makes me giddy- especially around the holiday season.

Look at my friend Rachel's Doc Martens... how can you not be jealous? They add that chic/ badass flare to any outfit. Literally everything she pairs with those boots look amazing- I have to say, whatever style you are into, having a pair of these bad boys (or anything similar to them), will complete the look.

Starbucks: Round One. Chai tea latte for Rachel and a skinny peppermint mocha for me... Yummmmm. This is where I had decided I was going to become a blogger. I like it so far. The two girls infront of me in line were both wearing baggy knit sweaters, leggings, and knee high boots.

For lunch, a greek salad wrap on a whole wheat tortilla! Fresh ingredients that create such a satisfying meal.

Starbucks: Round Two. After eating and walking around downtown for a few hours, Rachel and I headed up to the North end (our end) of the city to meet up with our friends at the mall. We both wanted some more Starbucks because, c'mon, those holiday drinks are pretty much Christmas in a cup.

I think I had a bit too much sugar and caffeine last night, which is probably why I'm sitting here at 10 in the morning, managing to get by on no sleep whatsoever. I might have slept for about 20 minutes, if anything. I came home completely exhausted around 10:30 last night, thinking I would sleep like a baby. But oh no, was I wrong. I tossed and turned and by 3:30 this morning I decided just to listen to some music and wait for 6:30 to come. Today is a lazy day- no makeup, a pair of sweatpants, and a baggy sweater to top it off.

I hope my first post on this blog was at least decent. I'll try posting something new everyday :)

Mandy xx