Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lalalazy Day

Whole wheat pita bread with natural peanut butter, a grannysmith apple, and some cinnamon; green tea in my favourite mug. I defintely enjoy my mornings!
Dress- Forever 21; Shirt- Bluenotes 
As always, I took my Sunday easy. A little bit of homework, some pilates and yoga, a tad bit of putting together some outfits to share- a very lovely Sunday indeed! For the past two days, I've been going through my clothes to see what ensembles I can create and post on here. No, my clothes aren't from the most popular stores out there, but you'd be surprised at how some cheap clothes and a little creativity can make it seem like you just spent a ton of money.

So here is my first outfit. It's a shame I can't wear this out at the momeny because of the cold weather, but I thought it was cute and picture worthy. No, it's not like some of the streetstyles I see out there and would die for, but I think it's quite trendy. Floral has made a come back and I see it in pretty much every store now. The denim shirt I am wearing was originally a longer shirt, but I was so fed up with how it stuck out at the bottom that I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut it to be right about my belly button. I love pairing these two togehter, the plain denim really helps bring out the pattern of the floral. This would be more of an outfit that I'd wear in the spring or early fall either when I'm going out with some friends or even just to school.

I must end my post here. Unfortunately, I have some math homework that needs to be finished. Until tomorrow...


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