Saturday, 17 November 2012

Day One... And Two

Finally, a blog.
The idea of creating one first came to me while watching Julie and Julia a few weeks ago. The thought of having my own blog that would become well known excited me for some reason. I wanted people to hear my opinions, my thoughts, my ideas. I didn't do anything except sit there and watch the rest of the movie.

But yesterday I was in a Starbucks downtown, surrounded by well dressed people. Fashion has always been one of my loves; I cherish it everyday. Even though I am only 15 years old, 16 in February, I have always known that I want it to be a part of my future somehow. Being surrounded by so many people whose outfits caught my eye inspired me to really start a blog. I want to write about street fashion, take photos of random people I see walking around and ask them about what their wearing. I want to share the latest trends in clothing and makeup. I also just wanted a place to vent and post some more personal stuff.

There is one problem: I am horrible at saving money, which means that the majority of the time I am broke. Not having money kind of makes it tough to buy new outfits and stuff that I want to show my readers. Therefore I came up with the name "Fashionably Broke Teen". I'm trying to find outfits that are part of the trend without spending an immense amount of money, because I know there are a lot of people out there that would love to look great while saving money. 

So right then and there in the Starbucks line, waiting for my tall skinny peppermint mocha to be made, I decided I would start my own blog. Thankfully I had brought my camera, so I could start taking pictures of everything that caught my eye. I didn't stop anyone in the streets to get any photos of their outfits, but my goal is to start doing that whenever I go out.

Walking downtown has always been one of my favourite things- all of the window shopping, going for a stroll in the park, visiting one of the many diners, just makes me giddy- especially around the holiday season.

Look at my friend Rachel's Doc Martens... how can you not be jealous? They add that chic/ badass flare to any outfit. Literally everything she pairs with those boots look amazing- I have to say, whatever style you are into, having a pair of these bad boys (or anything similar to them), will complete the look.

Starbucks: Round One. Chai tea latte for Rachel and a skinny peppermint mocha for me... Yummmmm. This is where I had decided I was going to become a blogger. I like it so far. The two girls infront of me in line were both wearing baggy knit sweaters, leggings, and knee high boots.

For lunch, a greek salad wrap on a whole wheat tortilla! Fresh ingredients that create such a satisfying meal.

Starbucks: Round Two. After eating and walking around downtown for a few hours, Rachel and I headed up to the North end (our end) of the city to meet up with our friends at the mall. We both wanted some more Starbucks because, c'mon, those holiday drinks are pretty much Christmas in a cup.

I think I had a bit too much sugar and caffeine last night, which is probably why I'm sitting here at 10 in the morning, managing to get by on no sleep whatsoever. I might have slept for about 20 minutes, if anything. I came home completely exhausted around 10:30 last night, thinking I would sleep like a baby. But oh no, was I wrong. I tossed and turned and by 3:30 this morning I decided just to listen to some music and wait for 6:30 to come. Today is a lazy day- no makeup, a pair of sweatpants, and a baggy sweater to top it off.

I hope my first post on this blog was at least decent. I'll try posting something new everyday :)

Mandy xx

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