Sunday, 25 November 2012

Girl's Night In, Fall Trends, & Slutty Brownies

Friday nights are always girl's night out for Rachel and I. This week, with the two of us being broke, we decided to have a girl's night in at her house for a change. While at her house, we went through her clothes and pieced together some fall trend/ how to style boots outfits to include in this blog. So here they are!
In this outfit, I included two patterns that are popular this fall season: plaid and floral.This is a very laid-back and chill outfit with an edgy flare to it. 

Jean jackets are very nice to have on those days where it isn't too cold but it also isn't very warm aswell. I paired the jacket with a basic red tank top that flows, and a pair of green cargo pants.
This would be an outfit that might be nicer for summer nights, but it's a great way to look when going out! The floral dress is adorable and when paired with the baggy knit cardigan it gives off a cozy and lazier vibe.

This is definitely my favourite outfit! The baby blue blazer (say that 10 times fast) helps bring out the pink/orange tank top underneath it. It gives you a more mature look, yet still maintaining that casual appeal. 

Those were the only outfits we managed to put together, but expect future posts with more! After our little photoshoot, we decided it was time to pig out. What would a girl's night in be without some comfort foods? Look at our amazing nachos; cheese, onions, cheese, peppers, cheese, and tomatoes. Plus cheese. Did I mention there was cheese in it? It took us a good 20 minutes to devour most of them. I want more. 

After the nachos, it was finally time for the moment Rachel and I had been waiting for all week... Slutty Brownies. Look at that honkin' slice. Isn't it beautiful? Doesn't your mouth salivate just by looking at it? What is a slutty brownie, you may ask? Well, it is quite simple: cookie dough on the bottom, oreos in the middle, and brownie mix on top, baked following the cooking directions of the brownies. This is literally heaven in your mouth, the perfect snack for any girl that might be going through "troubles".

I've come to the end of another post. Until tomorrow


PS. Big thanks to Rachel for modelling!


  1. All these outfits are awesome and the food looks delish! Love your blog girl! I can't wait to read more! :D

    1. Thanks, Ashlee! That means a lot :) xx