Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Math Mania

Why is it only Tuesday? Can it be the weekend already?


For today's outfit, I decided to try out something I had seen in a bunch of magazines: crop top and a pair of high- waste jeans. Sorry you can't see how high these jeans are, but if my legs were visible you'd be able to see it. The two are a great combination, and high- waste jeans help create an illusion of your legs look longer. Since it's cold out, I wore a grey cardigan over my crop top. It's not the brightest outfit ever, but it's quite edgy.
This is pretty much what my night has been made up of- food and homework. Some apple slices with a mountain of peanut butter (the love of my life) makes math homework a little exciting. Bleh, math. Unfortunately, the subject is my homeroom this semester. Doesn't the idea of doing equations, fractions, and quadratics first thing in the morning sound super fun and amazing? Trust me, it's not the greatest trying to write an algebra test while you're still waking up.

Speaking of math, I have to end this post right here to go and finish the rest of my homework.



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