Friday, 15 March 2013

Avon Reviews #2

A couple days after my first package from Avon arrived, I received my SECOND one. This time there were more products to review.....

Flor Violeta...a sweet surprise of vibrant violet blossoms, sparkling apple and dreamy musk

I cannot express my love of things that smell amazing. I will not leave the house without at least one sprit of some sort of perfume and/or wearing a scented handcream. I personally think it makes a great impression on people when you enter a room smelling all sweet and delicious, and I believe that wearing these Flor Violeta products will leave people following you every where you go just to get a whiff of you! The perfume ($30) is long-lasting and addictive- so watch out! The handcream ($12) leaves your hands feeling smooth and soft and do not make a greasy mess! Finally, the shower gel ($12) is great for washing yourself in because, just like the handcream, it helps moisturize your skin and leaves it feeling like a baby's bum! Overall, these products satisfied me 100% and I highly recommend you guys go and buy this next month when the collection is available!
Tip: Right after drying yourself off from using your shower gel in the tub, apply the body lotion for maximum moisturization! 
Avon's new cologne for men, Untouchable
Top notes kick off with a rush of water, wet greens and sizzling black pepper, followed by refreshing grapefruit. The scent unfolds with notes of lavender and violet leaves adding a clean masculine signature. The finish is earthy moss, Haitian Vetiver and worn leather. 

First off, the bottle looks pretty spiffy, right? It definitely has an edgy vibe to its appearance, and that description is pretty...well, descriptive, so I assumed that this cologne would have an edgy and different scent to it. And it does, that's for sure. To be completely honest, when I sniffed straight from the nozzle of the bottle, it smelled amazzingggg! I thought "I wouldn't mind if my boyfriend wore this around me!" I then sprayed it to get another sniff, but when I did it seemed to have a different scent. I don't understand how that could have been, but after I sprayed it I realized that it didn't smell as good as I thought it did. There are way worse colognes that I have smelled before, but this one disappointed me a little. But if you're still interested in it, go ahead and buy it! Maybe it will be a different opinion when it comes from a guy's perspective rather than a girl's. This cologne will be available in June for $25! 
  Breast Cancer Crusade Tennis Bracelet
Silvertone with pink crystals and pink enamel-look ribbon motif. 18cm L with 3cm extender. 100% of the net proceeds from the Breast Cancer Crusade Tennis Bracelet will be donated to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade.

Ever since my dad's diagnosis of lung cancer back in August, I have really been a sucker for anything that has to do with helping any type of cancer. So when Avon sent me this bracelet and I read about their Breast Cancer Crusade, I was head-over-heels for this bracelet! It is the perfect fit and looks great with anything you wear! Not only is it cute, but it's only $5, and as said above in the description, all net proceeds will be donated to the Breast Cancer Crusade. By purchasing this bracelet, you are helping this wonderful organization and all of those who are affected by this nasty disease. Definitely my favourite product of the bunch! It will be available next month for $5. 

Just before I wrap up this post, I just wanted to make a small memoir for my amazing father, whom we unfortunately lost on Sunday. 
May 3, 1963- March 10, 2013
You were the greatest father anyone could have asked for. I will never let go of all the memories we made when I was a little girl. I will always be your baby girl, no matter how old I get. You fought such a hard and terrible battle with the cancer, and your stubborness is definitely what kept you going those extra three months. You are my hero and always will be. I love you, daddy ♥  

xx Mandy



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