Tuesday, 4 June 2013

M.M.I.A (Mandy Missing In Action)

Hey everyone! I'm super sorry for my absence, but I have been craaaazy busy these past few weeks, and will be for the next couple. First of all, two weeks from tomorrow I'll be celebrating my last day of grade ten....but then I have exams.....so I'm putting a lot of time into studying for those. Second, I popped/sprained my shoulder recently in a rugby game...I'm out of the sling now but it's still a little challenging using my entire left arm. Third, I've been looking for a job like crazy and I finally landed myself an audition/interview on Thursday for a local dance crew which would be a full time summer job....I feel like I got this in the bag.

Anyways, I hope you guys didn't think I was ditching you all! I'll be back ASAP:)

xx Mandy

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