Saturday, 9 February 2013

Avon Haul & Reviews!


About two weeks [and one day] ago I received my order from Avon. I had been looking forward to getting my purchases, and let me say I am definitely satisfied! Time to share my haul with you!

Extra Lasting Lipsticks
Avon has a cosmetics line called 'Extra Lasting' and I wanted to try out some of their lipsticks and see if they really do last long. The shades I ordered were Forever Pink and Nude Blush. First of all, these colours are insanely pretty! Although I do prefer matte lipsticks over glossy, these lipsticks are some of the only glossy ones I can put up with all day. Yes, all day. I found that the average amount of time the colours stayed on my lips were about 5-6 hours. And I am a girl who enjoys to talk, drink [water, duhh], and of course eat, so having a good lipstick that will last me a while is a staple!

Forever Pink (left), Nude Blush (right)
Forever Pink (left), Nude Blush (right)

Ideal Flawless Concealer Stick
I was really excited to test out this product because I am looking for a really great and long lasting concealer. After wearing it for a few days I realized a few pros and cons: 
  • Con: It sort of hurts to apply
  • Con: It's hard to blend in
  • Pro: It lasts all day
Unfortunately, this was my least favourite product. While concealers that are too watery are to be avoided, rough concealers just irrate your skin, and that's exactly what I experienced with this. I found that it isn't very creamy and always pulls on my skin. Blending is a very hard thing and takes me a while to do it, but by then most of it has actually been rubbed off. Fortunately, it does last the majority of the day!
(forgot to take a picture of my own... oops)

Colour Eyeshadow Primer
A good eyeshadow primer is something everyone should have! As mentioned in my 'Understanding Makeup Part Three: Face' post, I explained how primer helps keep makeup in place all day and not smudge or crease. Avon's Colour Eyeshadow Primer was one of my favourite purchases because it really does keep my eyeshadow in place all day! And thankfully they just came out with the light beige shade so it can match my skin tone.
(forgot to take a picture of my own... again)

True Colour Eyeshadow Duos
Definitely my favourite of all of them. Because there was a 2/$7.99 deal, I ordered two palettes, one in Gold Goddess and one in Vivid Orchid. Down below you can see some swatches of the colours. These shimmery metallic eyeshadows are products that I am now going to be re-purchasing over and over again! I can't get over how great they are and how GLITTERY they are! These shadows make my eyes pop so much, expecially the gold shade from Gold Goddess. I think everyone should order them!
Vivid Orchid (left), Gold Goddess (right)
Vivid Orchid (left), Gold Goddess (right)
 Ultra Luxury Liners
Finally, I bought some liners because if you have been following me for a while, you'd know how much I love eye liners. I ordered one in Dark Brown and another in Eggplant. These liners are extremely creamy and do not pull on my skin while being applied. They aren't something that stand out to me because of a special quality, but they are eye liners of very good quality and I was definitely satisfied with them.
Dark Brown (left, unsharpened[oops]), Eggplant (right)
Dark Brown (left), Eggplant (right)
So there's my haul! You'll for sure be seeing more hauls and product reviews for Avon on here in the future! 

xx Mandy  



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