Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Freshen Up With Avon!

It's Avon Wednesday! Today's products are some great ones, and I'm sure you all will love them just like I do!

Clear Skin Pore Penetrating Cooling Toner ($7.99) & Invigorating Scrub ($7.99)
*available June 2013
So long story short, I've never had the best skin, nor have I ever been able to find a face wash that doesn't make me breakout at some point.....Until now. The minute I applied these products to my face, I automatically liked them because of their cooling effect they have on your skin. It makes your skin feel fresh and alive! The invigorating scrub provides a deep clean and leaves skin feeling revitalized, while the cooling toner controls oil and leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed. The day after I first used them, I could tell my pores were a lot smaller. They haven't shrunk a whole lot more since then, but they definitely haven't gotten bigger, which is okay with me! I don't think my skin has ever been softer, smoother, or more clear and hydrated before! Once these two come out, I highly suggest you all buy them! The best way to see great results is to clean your face with the scrub and apply the toner after you have washed the scrub off.

Advance Techniques Moisture IQ (Shampoo-$7.99, Conditioner-$7.99, Treatment-$12.99)
*available June 2013
Avon somehow knows when to send me the perfect stuff. The day before I received the package, I had ran out of shampoo and conditioner. When I opened the box and saw not only shampoo and condition but also some hair treatment, I did a little happy dance. What I love about these products is that they keep my hair moisturized for sooooo long! Funny story, amazing actually, I went three days without washing my hair last week and it didn't look gross at all. That's rare for my thin and fine hair that becomes a grease ball the second I run my fingers through it. The shampoo improves the look and feel of hair (I've gotten a lot of people complimenting me on how soft and shiny my hair is) and leaves your scalp feeling moisturized. The conditioner leaves your hair feeling silky and looking shiny. Finally, the treatment helps your hair maintain a straight look until the next shampoo. These hair care products are definitely a repurchase for me! Oh, and did I mention they smell AMAZING?!

Big Colour Eye Pencil Shades ($9.99 each)
(Left to Right): Aquamarine, Lavender Mist, Smokey Sage, Perfect Peach)

These eye pencils are perfect if you want to add some sparkle and colour to your eyes! They are so pigmented and creamy that I can't get enough of them and wish I had more! I love how they last all day, and if I want to switch it up, I can use them as a liner instead. I really wish they were self-sharpening though, just to make things easier when they start to get dull. My favourite shade is in Aquamarine!

Color Precise Lipstick ($9.99 each)
(Shades from Left to Right: Really Red, Definite Peach, Infallible Mauve, Fuschia Finish)
Okay, so remember last week when I did my April Favourites post? And there was this lipstick that I wouldn't write much about because I'd be mentioning it in my next Avon post? Well, here it issss! I saved this product for last because it is my favourite out of the bunch! These lipsticks have an innovative design for precise application and prevents feathering. They also moisturize your lips! I love how pigmented the colours are, and I love to smell them....That isn't weird, is it? Naaaah. My favourite shade is in Fuschia! 

(Left to Right): Really Red, Definite Peach, Infallible Mauve, Fuschia Finish)

Hopefully you guys aren't getting sick of Avon...but I doubt it, all of their products are amazing!

xx Mandy

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