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Understanding Makeup Part One: Eyes

Earlier, I decided I was going to do an Understanding Makeup section of the blog, made up of three different posts: Eyes, Lips, and Face. For each post, I will talk about what kind of makeup you can use for the certain area, give descriptions of some of the products, the tools used, and some different looks that you might be interested in.

Honestly, any kind of eye makeup is my favourite makeup. I love playing up my baby blues and trying out different styles and colours to make them pop [more].

Eye Shadows   
So many colours, so little time- right? I get extremely overwhelmed when I try to decide what colour I should use that day. Do I want to go blue? Maybe bright green? Ugh, this shouldn't be so hard.

Eye shadow is applied all over the eye lid, the crease, and right under the brow. It adds shape, depth, dimmension, and can sometimes create illusions to make your eyes appear a different way than they are. It can come in many different forms, which are the following:
  • Sheer- a very faint shadow, comes in pressed form
  • Matte- solid colour eye shadow
  • Powder- comes in pressed form and is the most common type of eye shadow used
  • Liquid- applied with a sponge or brush specifically made for this shadow; comes in matte or shimmer
  • Shimmer- has a sparkle or metallic tint to the colour
  • Pigment/Loose Powder- applied the same way as powder shadow, but is not pressed
  • Baked- pressed; marbleized and baked in an oven; can be used dry or wet
  • Cream- creamier than powder; can be shimmery or matte; commonly used as a base on the lid 
  • Pencils- cream eye shadow in a pencil form
Pigment/ Loose Eye Shadow

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

Oh, the eyeliner. So bold and so much fun to use. I prefer liner over shadow because it finishes everything off and can make such dramatic looks. But, you can use an eye shadow as a liner, using a liner brush (see Eye Brushes below).
  • Liquid- hardest to use; best to buy in pen form because you have more control over them
  • Pencil- great for lining your water lines; make sure you have a sharpener for these
  • Gel/Cream- a good creamy eye liner is very bold and shows well
Eye Brushes
There are so many different eye brushes that you can use when it comes to applying eye shadow.
SEPHORA COLLECTION - Classic Angled Liner/Eyeliner Brush #15
Applies a thin line of colour on the lid and defines the eye; apply right above/on the lashline

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Classic All Over Shadow Brush - Small #22 
All Over 
Great for any area of the eye and most types of eye shadow

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Classic Smudge Brush #14 
Blends colours and expand smudge lines   

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Classic Rounded Crease Brush #13 
Adds colour to the crease; great for smokey eyes

These are just a few of the many brushes used for eye makeup.

Next time you want to switch up your look, try out these trends!

  Cat's Eye
Often seen on actress Angelina Jolie. While applying eye liner (opt for liquid or gel) on your upper lash line, sweep it out right to where your crease stops (or go farther for a more dramatic look).
Winged Eyeliner
Very similar to the Cat's Eye look, but when you sweep your liner out, bring it up to make a wing. My personal favourite, aswell.
Smokey Eyes
Probably the most popular look of all, not to mention simple. Though it is hard to describe in writing, there are many tutorials on youtube, and it's likely that I will be uploading my own tutorial at some point :) 

Wow, that was a long post. I hope this gives you a bit of an idea of how to use eye makeup. Tomorrow, I will write about how to use lipsticks and how to get that perfect red lipstick look that is in right now. 
xx Mandy

Eye Shadow Types:

All Eye Brushes are from Sephora:

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